Marian Stevens has been cooking almost her whole life and really favors grilling, outdoor cooking, smoking, deep frying turkeys, etc. Back in 2006, Marian registered a domain name,, as a bbq tips and recipe site. Her repertoire was growing with creating spice blends and sauces, she started parting ways with her career in Information Technology to pursue other interests.

In 2015, she heard of smoked olive oil and had to figure out how to make her own, which she did. With the Alameda County Fair looming, she put together a smoked olive oil infused with garlic and rosemary, and without even tasting it, she entered it into the fair, considering it a “Hail Mary.” It not only earned a blue ribbon, but also Best of Show and Judge’s Favorite.

It is exciting to have come to this point of the debut of Grillin’ Girl, with 3 smoked oil offerings, a couple of rubs (one which took first place at the fair), a couple of sauces, and smoked brown sugar. We hope you enjoy our efforts!