321/221 Pork Rib Smoke Method

I thought I’d share this method of preparing pork ribs or pork spare ribs.


1 slab of pork ribs or spare ribs
Wood Chips
Grillin’ Girl Rib Rub
Grillin’ Girl Grillin’ GLaze of choice
Aluminum Foil

Prepare your slab of ribs – do not preboil (parboil) them!  Prepare them by turning them over and removing the membrane.  Why?  Removing this membrane allows more smoke penetration.  Flip them back over so the rib side is down.

Rub either our Maple Ginger Rub or Maple Applewood Rub liberally on the ribs.  Put them in a plastic bag in the refrigerator overnight.

Soak your chips for an hour or so before starting.  For pork, a combination of apple and cherry wood is a very good choice.

Light your smoker, and let the coals get nice and white, then pour your dampened chips directly onto the coals to produce smoke.

Lay your ribs, bone side down, directly on the grill.  Here’s where we get into either 3-2-1 or 2-2-1.

Regular ribs – 321.  Spare ribs – 221.

Depending upon which ribs you have, you will either be smoking them out in the open smoke, unwrapped, bone side down for either 3 hours or 2 hours.  Keep the grill as close to 200° as possible.

After the first phase is over (either 3 hours or 2 hours), lightly sauce your ribs with one of our glazes and wrap them in aluminum foil. Cook for another 2 hours, maintaining the temperature at as close to 200° as possible.

After two more hours, unwrap your ribs again and get the chips smoking for the last hour in smoke.